Glay Pottery Gallery - Ho Viet Vinh Architect & Partners

Inspired by Professor Thai Kim Lan’s collection of more than 7000 ceramic artifacts recovered from the Perfume River, an idea was born to revitalize the artifacts to match their value. All ceramic products are born from the earth and mature through fire. The heat of the fire has hardened the earth to the test of time. Dark red painted steel will represent this tempering property. The contrasting pairs of hot-cold, hard-soft are applied in the language of placement to highlight the value of time and place.


Type:Art Gallery
Location: Thai Kim Lan Garden house
Team:Ho Viet Vinh
Tran Thu Ha  

Next project | RETREAT HOME

Nestled quietly under the canopy of the coconut forest swaying in the gentle breeze, the simple house comes into existence thanks to the reflections of the dawn sunlight. The house has a simple modern look, inheriting the shape of a traditional house with 3 compartments and 2 wings, with a large veranda surrounding it. The veranda is a transitional space and acts as a climate regulator for the whole house. Not only that, but it is also a place where countless activities connect people with the surrounding open space. The rooms all open to the garden and the doorways pull the garden into its deepest recesses. The nuanced transitions of time and space also take place in the cut of this patio.

Next project | Mine Art Gallery

Cam Pha coal mine was established by the French in 1886 with the name Société Francais des Charbonneges du Tonkin under King Tu Duc. The stratigraphic structure of the coal mine is deepened in the shape of deep underground terraces. The coal seams gradually revealed themselves in the light that cut through the valley. The jet black color of greed mixed with the reddish brown color of the earth and the dry dust in the air: all blended to create abstract colors tinged with depth. The project is inspired by the block of coal seams that overlap in opposite directions. An inverted image of the coal seam structure to represent the remaining void. Construction materials are taken from coal seams to form stacked bricks. Space, materials and scenery seem to blend together to create the mood of the miners.


Location:Campha City  
Team:Ho Viet Vinh
Mai Que Vu  

Next project | Angel

The powerful little angels are flying freely in the world of perfection. Each angel represents each characteristic of the ego, breaking free from bondage, being free and enjoying the triumphant moments of the long journey to eliminate the ego.


Exucuted in April 2020.


Lyrical Abstract


Acrylic on Canvas


60 Wx 80 H x 2 D cm

The authenticity of this work has been confirmed by the HVV Architect &Partners. A certificate of authenticity maybe delivered by the Company upon request to the buyer.

Vinhho Biography

Ho Viet Vinh, a Vietnamese, graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1995 from the University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam; he received the award for the creative design in the Final Year. He is a Registered Architect in Viet Nam and also a Registered Urban Planner in Ho Chi Minh city, as well as a Member of Association of Architects and Urban planners of Viet Nam. Ho Viet Vinh career began in 1995 when he did some competitions in Ho Chi Minh city. He becomes lecturer of Urban planning Department of University of Architecture in 1995. In 1998 He received second prize of international competition held by Summer workshop of Cergy Pontoise-France with subject “Ho Chi Minh city and Saigon river”. In 2005 He awarded special prize of international competition held by Summer workshop of Cergy Pontoise-France with subject “Can Gio Emotional city”. In 2010 he participated the International Visistor Leadership Program of USA in subject Sustainable Urban Planning. In 2015 He is choosen by Lebadang Creative Foundation to design the Lebadang Memory Space Museum in Hue.  It was at this time that He becomes Director of that Fund.

Next project | Marina Saigon Villa

Lifestyle in marina has its own taste and the lifestyle at Marina Saigon Villa is special in the way you enjoy your own life. Even if you’ve never owned a yacht, you’ll easily join the club of hobby-loving descendants of nineteenth-century European aristocrats. Starting from the Marina with sparkling turquoise sails at the place of every villa, you manually control the yacht to satisfy conquering emotional moments.

Every time you step on the yacht, you will understand that time is never an issue for you to come to the trading center and stock exchange right in the heart of Saigon Trade Center.

  • After a few minutes on the yacht, you have touched your favorite golf club.
  • About 30 minutes to cross the Saigon River to enjoy the fresh air in Can Gio Unesco Biosphere Reserved and only that much time to go upstream to Cu Chi tunnels or anywhere you want to go.
  • Discover the beauty of the landscape of the vast river and sky.


Area:20 hectares
Location:District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Team:Ho Viet Vinh
Tran Thanh Hai
Nguyen Dinh Nhat Thu
Truong Anh Thu

Next project | VOICES of NATURE


The melodious reverberation of the mountains and forests,

Clouds cover the rising sun,

I silently curled up in the wind,

Absorb the mist of the dawn light.


Du dương vọng tiếng hoà ca rừng núi,

Mây ngập tràn che khuất mặt trời lên,

Ta lặng im cuộn mình trong làn gió,

Men hơi sương ngút ngọn ánh bình minh.

Ho Viet Vinh.Dallat-2021

Next project | CLOUD STREAM


Following the wind, the stream flows in all directions,

The foggy road is dotted with flying dew drops.

Love is drunk at night in dreams,

Filled with the call of the human realm.


Theo làn gió suối tuôn về muôn nẻo,

Đường mù sương lấm tấm hạt sương bay.

Tình men say gối đêm vào giấc mộng,

Cho ngập lời tiếng gọi cõi nhân sinh.

Ho Viet Vinh.Dallat 2019

Next project | Vietnam Traditional Architecture & Art

Vietnam traditional Architecture and Art gallery is including buildings of 3 regions of Vietnam: Hanoi-Hue-Saigon. Select works based on typical artistic values ​​of Dai Viet culture (Northern region), Champa culture (Central region) and Oc Eo culture (Southern region). Types of architecture include: communal houses, temples, pagodas, palaces, tomb houses, houses, …. with wood, stone and terracotta materials. In addition to architectural works, the space also displays wood carvings, stone sculptures and unique decorative details.


Type:Art Gallery
Location:University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City
Team:Ho Viet Vinh
Mai Que Vu

Next project | PHU DOAN PLAZA

Phu Doan Plaza in existing condition

Phu Doan Plaza at Committee Popular of Thua Thien Hue province (also called City Hall) is a lively and contemporary embodiment as a “Hue ancient capital”. Today the Plaza is an inclusive hub of Hue’s life outdoors but for decades this was not the case. Prior to renovation Plaza was an uninviting and inaccessible maze of raised and sunken terraces, hidden passageways, and gloomy malnourished trees. The opportunity for change raised the park, both physically and metaphorically, to the prominence of its location at the foot of Hue City Hall. The Plaza provides universal accessibility by bringing the entire site to street level, and encourages use throughout the day. The entire Plaza, with its generous lawn, interactive fountain, café, and ample seating amidst green groves of native plantings, are all built atop the nexus of Hue City center’s multi-modal transit system and acts as a connective gateway to all neighborhoods. The park functions as a 8.190 sq.m creating a welcome all-season spot for relaxation and public recreation.

Performing art in front of Hue City Hall
Art Light Performing at night
Outdoor Ampitheatre in front of Perfume River


  • Landscape Forms
  • Granite Stone
  • Advanced Soil Technologies

Plant List:

  • Bombax ceiba
  • Asian palmyra palm
  • Laurus nobilis
  • Cinnamomum camphora


Type:Public Realm
Location:Hue City, Thua Thien Province
Team:Ho Viet Vinh Ngo Hai Tan
Duong Thi Thanh Thanh
Nguyen Dinh Nhat Thu

Next project | Da Dia Reef

Da Dia Reef panorama, Phu Yen-Vietnam, photo by Vinhho.2016

The interlocking rock columns are arranged naturally,

Shoulder and shoulders depict rapids,

Standing likes the shape of the mountain,

Look down at the waves of the sacred place.

Ho Viet Vinh

Next project | Majestic Hotel Renovation

Established by Hui-Bon-Hoa company (the owner was a Chinese-Vietnamese called Uncle Hoa).Situated right on the corner of Catinat Street (now Dong Khoi Street) and Quai de Belgique Street (now Ton Duc Thang Street). Carrying the then favorite baroque architecture style, the hotel became one of the most elegant and impressive buildings in Saigon after it was finished in 1925. Majestic had three stories and 44 bedrooms, according to a French architect’s original design.In 1948, the Indochina Tourism & Exhibition Department directed by French man Franchini Mathieu bought the ground and first floors of the hotel and rented 44 rooms in 30 years. The hotel was ranked five stars in 2007. Work on two new towers of the hotel on Nguyen Hue Street started in July 2011 to add 353 new rooms. Through a long time of using the space and modern equipment have distorted the value of the building. The task of designing and renovating is to create luxury and recall the feelings of the famous Indochinese architecture once in ancien Saigon.

Next project | The VIDE Villa

VIDE Front Facade
VIDE Section
VIDE Sketches