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The melodious reverberation of the mountains and forests,

Clouds cover the rising sun,

I silently curled up in the wind,

Absorb the mist of the dawn light.


Du dương vọng tiếng hoà ca rừng núi,

Mây ngập tràn che khuất mặt trời lên,

Ta lặng im cuộn mình trong làn gió,

Men hơi sương ngút ngọn ánh bình minh.

Ho Viet Vinh.Dallat-2021

Next project | RETREAT HOME

Nestled quietly under the canopy of the coconut forest swaying in the gentle breeze, the simple house comes into existence thanks to the reflections of the dawn sunlight. The house has a simple modern look, inheriting the shape of a traditional house with 3 compartments and 2 wings, with a large veranda surrounding it. The veranda is a transitional space and acts as a climate regulator for the whole house. Not only that, but it is also a place where countless activities connect people with the surrounding open space. The rooms all open to the garden and the doorways pull the garden into its deepest recesses. The nuanced transitions of time and space also take place in the cut of this patio.

Next project | Le Ba Dang Memory Space



The landscape architecture of the museum with an area of 16.000 square meters is actually a full-scale “Lebadang Space” artwork. The paintings, sculptures, installation and “Space” artworks of the world-renowned artist Lebadang are periodically rotated with exhibition contents and display methods up to international standards. The museum is the realization of artist Lebadang’s dream about “an immense artwork, a cosmic landscape, a life in harmony with nature and towards eternity”. That the museum is located in Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam, reveals his dream of Hue becoming the capital of Vietnamese contemporary art and culture in the 21st century.

“Đường mòn lối nhỏ  lượn vòng quanh

Trăm hoa đua nở khoe hình sắc 

 Thấp thoáng hương quê gió nội đồng

 Toàn chân đón cảnh mây trời hiện

 Một chốn tiên bồng giữa thế gian.”

“Small paths that revolve around

Hundreds of flowers in bloom

Village hidden behind rice fields

Flying clouds in the sky

What a great place. ”

Architect Ho Viet Vinh

Le Ba Dang Memory Space brings the image of Co Loa into a unique creation of Vietnamese people. The emotions are depicted into the ground like a giant painting. The winding winding road leads us into the colorful reality picture, people and nature become one, the soul settles, the emotions flow. The flowers are so brilliant, the birds chirping, the wind breeze overflowing clouds, and everything resounds with true voices pulling our mind back to our childhood dream.

Location:Huong Thuy, Hue
Team:Ho Viet Vinh
Tran Thanh Hai
Le Van Thoi
Ngo Dang Linh
Civil Engineer:Nam Viet
Contractor:Rickenbach Development and Construction
Interior Designer:Eric Mignagd
Lighting Designer:Elek Co, Ltd
Structural Engineer:Nam Viet
  • ART REPUBLIK 1, Elitism for all, Spring-Summer 2020

Next project | The PIG House

Concept design

Ancient Greek legend has it that the pig was the favorite animal of Demeter – goddess of crops and farming on earth. This was the holiest god for the Greeks. Since ancient times, people have used pigs to sacrifice this goddess. The magical transformation that turns humans into pigs appears in many myths, such as in Homer’s epic Odysseus. In this story, the crew of the hero ship was turned into pigs by the goddess Circe. Pig is one of the 12 animals that represent the 12-year cycle of Dizhi of China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, North Korea and many other countries in Asia. It is associated with the Zodiac Pig. Those who believe in Chinese astrology have always attached pig characteristics to people born in the year of the Pig. Those born in this year are often considered lucky and have a prosperous and leisurely life. PIG House is life within and beyond the form of this animist.

PIG House Model

Next project | S T I L L N E S S


450 Sq.m

Project Team
Ho Viet Vinh, Tran Thanh Hai, Tran Thi Thu Ha

Collaborators Quang Nhat Furniture, RitaVo Company, KOHLER

Next project | Zen Garden

Zen garden carries the breath of nature, located in the coniferous forest, receiving the morning sun, immersed in the coolness of the beach. People move in free space without being constrained by position and frame of reference. The displacement no longer depends on the inside, the lower, the high and the low. Heaven and earth, plants, flowers, people become one, each step carries the breath of the pure land.

Listenning to the rain patio
Shadow of Light
Breath of Stone

Next project | Forest rain

Forest rain

Streams of water flowed horizontally like a loom, drawing horizontal lines across the sky. The thick fog hides a forest in the dark night.

“Water jets are arranged vertically and horizontally,

Engraving a painting.”

Ho Viet Vinh.2020


Exucuted in April 2020.


Lyrical Abstract


Acrylic on Canvas


97 Wx 130  H x 4 D cm

The authenticity of this work has been confirmed by the HVV Architect &Partners. A certificate of authenticity maybe delivered by the Company upon request to the buyer.

Vinhho Biography

Ho Viet Vinh, a Vietnamese, graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1995 from the University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam; he received the award for the creative design in the Final Year. He is a Registered Architect in Viet Nam and also a Registered Urban Planner in Ho Chi Minh city, as well as a Member of Association of Architects and Urban planners of Viet Nam. Ho Viet Vinh career began in 1995 when he did some competitions in Ho Chi Minh city. He becomes lecturer of Urban planning Department of University of Architecture in 1995. In 1998 He received second prize of international competition held by Summer workshop of Cergy Pontoise-France with subject “Ho Chi Minh city and Saigon river”. In 2005 He awarded special prize of international competition held by Summer workshop of Cergy Pontoise-France with subject “Can Gio Emotional city”. In 2010 he participated the International Visistor Leadership Program of USA in subject Sustainable Urban Planning. In 2015 He is choosen by Lebadang Creative Foundation to design the Lebadang Memory Space Museum in Hue.  It was at this time that He becomes Director of that Fund.

Next project | The AMBIGUITY Space

Space in Between
The layered space by buildings

Next project | Da Dia Reef

Da Dia Reef panorama, Phu Yen-Vietnam, photo by Vinhho.2016

The interlocking rock columns are arranged naturally,

Shoulder and shoulders depict rapids,

Standing likes the shape of the mountain,

Look down at the waves of the sacred place.

Ho Viet Vinh

Next project | Maison de Corail

Maison de Corail


The concept of the project is a hybrid space, there is no determination or boundaries. We want a space that integrates botany, meditation and art where people can feel free to take care of themselves, slowly with relaxation. Using nostalgia and natural matter, crafted by artisan hands, paintings that desire to finding beauty in imperfection but real environments. The facade make by breezeway blocks to allow sun and wind in, to avoid artificial air conditioning systems. The general purpose is to create a minimalist lifestyle in which a slow passing of time. The lava stones react shades to the sunlight movement along the day. Various forms are manifested by the light gradually moving. A spiral staircase along the courtyard has a rendered banister and concrete treads. It leads up to an open art workshop and meditation space.

“Ẩn tàng chốn lạ mà quen
Lá chen mây trắng hoa chèn sắc hương
Ngõ vương ánh nắng qua đường
Yêu thương đọng lại khu vườn ngày xưa.”

“Strange but familiar hidden place

Leaves insert flowers into white clouds

Light alley across the street

Love leaves the old garden. ”

Architect Ho Viet Vinh

Location:Ho Tram, Ba Ria Vung Tau
Team:Ho Viet Vinh
Tran Thanh Hai
Le Van Thoi
Ngo Dang Linh
Contractor:Cuong Quang Construction
Interior Designer:Ho Viet Vinh
Photographer:Ho Viet Vinh
Structural Engineer:Nam Viet

Next project | CLOUD

Solid and rough are the emotions of BAOLOC. Spatial topography consists of interlaced hills, layers hidden under layers of cold pine forests. In that autumn silence, the clouds are the witch who transforms to soften the rough, dry and cold.


Solid and rough are the emotions of BAOLOC. Spatial topography consists of interlaced hills, layers hidden under layers of cold pine forests. In that autumn silence, the clouds are the witch who transforms to soften the rough, dry and cold.

“Following the wind, the stream flows in all directions,
The foggy road is dotted with flying dew drops.
Love is drunk at night in dreams,
Filled with the call of the human realm.”

Next project | Glay Pottery Gallery

Inspired by Professor Thai Kim Lan’s collection of more than 7000 ceramic artifacts recovered from the Perfume River, an idea was born to revitalize the artifacts to match their value. All ceramic products are born from the earth and mature through fire. The heat of the fire has hardened the earth to the test of time. Dark red painted steel will represent this tempering property. The contrasting pairs of hot-cold, hard-soft are applied in the language of placement to highlight the value of time and place.


Type:Art Gallery
Location: Thai Kim Lan Garden house
Team:Ho Viet Vinh
Tran Thu Ha