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Concept design

Ancient Greek legend has it that the pig was the favorite animal of Demeter – goddess of crops and farming on earth. This was the holiest god for the Greeks. Since ancient times, people have used pigs to sacrifice this goddess. The magical transformation that turns humans into pigs appears in many myths, such as in Homer’s epic Odysseus. In this story, the crew of the hero ship was turned into pigs by the goddess Circe. Pig is one of the 12 animals that represent the 12-year cycle of Dizhi of China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, North Korea and many other countries in Asia. It is associated with the Zodiac Pig. Those who believe in Chinese astrology have always attached pig characteristics to people born in the year of the Pig. Those born in this year are often considered lucky and have a prosperous and leisurely life. PIG House is life within and beyond the form of this animist.

PIG House Model